Careers at Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia

Carter Holt Harvey is a large employer with a business built on a solid foundation and an operational history spanning many years. We have opportunities across our business: at our manufacturing facilities in rural Australia and in our distribution centres and offices in suburban areas.

Some of the many opportunities include:

  • Facility Manager, Technical Manager and engineering roles
  • Machine operators – turning logs into products such as plywood, structural timber and particleboard
  • Trades people including fitters, wood machinist and electricians working with the site to keep the plant running at optimal condition
  • Sales and marketing professionals, selling our products to our customers
  • Logistics and planning experts to ensure that our products are made and delivered to customers when they are required
  • Other areas include accounting, human resources, learning and development and support roles


Why work for Carter Holt Harvey?

Environmentally Minded

We are one of Australia’s largest users of renewable energy.  Over 70% of the company’s energy needs are derived from renewable biomass.  The use of a timber process by-product as a source of energy gives Carter Holt Harvey a greenhouse emission intensity that is less than half that of other similar manufacturing processes that rely on fossil fuels. 

The low carbon footprint of our manufacturing operations is only one part of the positive contribution to reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Our wood products act as carbon stores, holding the carbon sequestered by forests for many years beyond harvest.

A Complex Process Run by Great People

The production of Particleboard, Plywood or Laminated Veneered Lumber (LVL) involves complex processes with many variables and is reliant upon advanced technology and of course great people.

We are proud of our people and our values because they reflect the culture of Carter Holt Harvey. Our values provide the guidelines for us to use our own judgement and make sound decisions.

Our values are:
  • Deliver what we promise;
  • Be open and honest;
  • Respect each other;
  • Be committed to safety and the environment;
  • Go the extra mile for our customers;
  • Work smart, have fun