Ironwood® Decking

Ironwood® Decking has the natural beauty of timber and is treated with MicroPro® for long-term performance outdoors, making it the ideal choice for your next decking project.

The unique 'blonde' appearance provides a foundation for paints or stains to enhance the true characteristics of a natural timber surface.  Treated with a micronized copper preservative and visually graded to deliver lasting appeal, our stringent processes ensure that every piece of Ironwood Decking is finished to the highest standard.

A renewable resource produced in Australia from sustainably grown Australian plantation pine, Ironwood Decking is a natural choice in harmony with our natural landscape.

Features & Benefits

  • Treated to H3 suitable for exterior above ground applications.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Suitable for painting or staining to match any colour scheme.
  • Suitable as an effective garden screen.
  • Good looks without the high price tag.
  • Treated with MicroPro® to protect the timber against termites, borers and fungal decay.
  • Produced in Australia from sustainably grown Australian plantation pine.

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Ironwood Decking is compliant with, the following Australian Standards:

  • AS1604.1: Specification for Preservative Treatment – Part 1

Decking is deemed termite resistant under the:

  • Building Code of Australia (BCA)
  • AS 3660.1: Termite Management - New Building Work


Industry Information

Domestic Timber Deck Design

This design guide from Wood Solutions outlines key design and construction considerations for light domestic timber decks for raised, close to and on-ground timber decks that are exposed to the weather.

Finishing Timber Externally

Wood Solutions technical design guide provides an overview of designing and detailing timber elements for maximum life, containing information to help specifiers, builders and trade professionals understand the special consideration required when selecting timber to be used in external applications.

Building with timber in bushfire prone areas

This guide from Wood Solutions provides information to help architects, designers, builders and owners understand the Construction of Building in Bushfire Prone Areas Standard AS 3959 and in particular the construction requirements for using traditional timber building methods for each Bushfire Attack Level (BAL).

Resealing – PROTIM Solignum Timber Care

This his technical data sheet provides information on Koppers Performance Chemicals Protim Solignum Timber Care products and other important topics.

Technical Notes

Intended Use

Ironwood Decking products are suitable for use in external residential and commercial applications throughout all areas of Australia.

Treatment Durability

Ironwood Decking is treated to Hazard Level H3 with MicroPro® treatment preservative in accordance with Australian Standards. It is suitable for exterior above-ground applications and is resistant against termites, borers and fungal decay.

MicroPro® treatment preservative is a revolutionary treatment technology that has earned several green building accreditations in the USA for its environmental credentials which include energy efficient production, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and reduced release of chemicals into the environment.


Each length of Ironwood Decking is branded with the brand, treatment type, hazard level and treatment plant number by way of either an inkjet stamp or end tag.


The Domestic Timber Deck Design Technical Guide issued by Forest and Wood Products Australia is available at and provides general information applicable to all types of light domestic decks.


Ironwood Decking comes with one smooth side and one reeded side. We recommend installing the smooth side up so that water runs off easily, prolonging the life of the deck and making it easier to keep clean.

Resealing Requirements

In any application where Ironwood decking has been cut, notched, rebated or drilled the exposed area should be resealed with an appropriate reseal product. Such as PROTIM® SOLIGNUM® CN TIMBER OIL. This is a copper-based solvent/oil formulation that is green in colour. This will ensure the treatment envelope remains intact and provides the best long term protection.

If a paint system is to be applied after resealing, allow time for the CN oil to be absorbed into the timber and then follow paint manufacturers recommendations.  

For more information about PROTIM® Solignum® Timber Care please refer to the Technical Data Sheet available from Koppers Performance Chemicals.

Fixings & Fasteners

For normal applications all fasteners and fixings that will be in contact with preservative treated pine should be hot dipped galvanised. In harsh environments such as those close to the salt water, stainless steel or similar fixings should be used.


Ironwood Decking can be stained or saturated with a clear decking oil to prolong its life and protect against the checks and cracks caused by weathering. We recommend that all surfaces are coated with one application of finish before assembly in order to ensure complete coverage. Additional coats can be applied to the finished project as required. Whatever finish you use, always check the label of the finishing product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

To enhance the durability of your deck we recommend using a quality coating such as Intergrain® NaturalStain™. This fast-drying, low odour finish protects timber from the destructive effects of weathering and provides excellent tannin blocking and resistance to damage from mould and UV rays.   For further information about Intergrain® decking products and stockists please visit

Mould Growth

Mould growth can occur on the surface of numerous products, including treated and untreated wood, during prolonged surface exposure to excessive moisture conditions. To remove surface mould, first allow the deck to dry and then apply mild soap and water with a stiff broom.


When handling and working with Ironwood Decking products, users are recommended to wear gloves, dust masks, ear protection and safety glasses at all times. Please refer to above Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for full details.

Waste Disposal

Off-cuts can be disposed of as normal landfill waste. Do not burn treated timbers. Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for full details.