Pinex® Roundwood

Pinex® has been a trusted name in rural fencing and viticulture products for generations of Australians.  Sourced from local renewable forests, Pinex outdoor products continue to offer heavy duty resistance to our harsh environment.  They can be used in many rural situations and provide outstanding durability in the form of posts, strainers, rails and other applications used in or near the ground.

Roundwood Creosote Posts

Combining strength and durability with lightness and ease of installation, Pinex® Roundwood posts are used broadly within the agricultural industry as rural fencing, trellising for vineyards, livestock chutes and stock enclosures.

The Pinex® Roundwood post range includes two different finishes and a range of lengths to choose from. 

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Creosote Timber Rails & Posts

The Pinex® range of dressed rails, sawn square posts and faced shaven posts are chosen for their aesthetic appearance and used to produce premium rural fencing, property entrances and livestock enclosures.

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