Pyneboard® Pynepanel

Pynepanel is a durable scratch resistant panel available in many sizes with a standard thickness of 16mm. The sizes are well suited to shelving applications. The comprehensive range allows economic cutting of boards as it has no grain direction so it is the same strength and appearance in all directions, reducing waste.

Features & Benefits

Pynepanel is available in two grades: standard and moisture resistant (MR) substrates. Both are surfaced with Alpine White melamine impregnated paper. Where applications may be subjected to conditions of high relative humidity or occasional wetting, such as bathroom vanities and kitchen cupboards, PYNEpanel MR should be used.


Pynepanel is manufactured to comply with AS/NZS1859.1.

For general facts about particleboard and MDF products, including mechanical, physical and moisture properties, a useful source of information is the EWPA ‘Facts about PB and MDF’.


The range has three different solutions:

  • Pynepanel Thick Edge, double sided white particleboard with an extra thick and durable 1mm PVC edge. This provides a thicker and tougher edge with greater ability to resist damage from accidental knocks
  • Pynepanel Standard, double sided white board with traditional 0.3mm melamine paper edge
  • Pynepanel 32, panels are predrilled at 32mm centres in 2 parallel rows along the face of each sheet, enabling shelves to be fixed at any level between the two panels.


Available in Standard grade only

Available in both Standard & Moisture resistance grades

  • Std Edge (0.3 mm melamine edge
  • Thick Edge* (1mm PVC edge)
  • System 32 (Standard edge & Predrilled holes)